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Oil vacuum purifier and filtration system – vdo


The filtration system via VDO vacuum pump carries out the following tasks:

dehydration through the elimination of free, emulsified and dissolved water
complete dearation with removal of free and dissolved gas

The oil inserted in the system thanks to the depression created by the vacuum pump, endures a filtration cycle in the aspiration phase. Once it’s arrived in the vacuum chamber, the oil is continuously heated to keep a constant temperature of 60°C, perfect for the process of dehydration. In the meantime, the oil is atomized to increase the surface exposed to the vacuum.
This way the water becomes vapour and enters the aspiration pipe of the vacuum pump; afterwards it falls again as liquid in the condensation tank, from which it will be emptied.

The purification, filtration and VDO dehydration system can be dimensioned depending on the needs of encumbrance and can be equipped with fixed execution, or mobile execution and transportable, in order to be easily moved and set up on the machinery that needs the purification treatment.
The fact that it is easy to use and to install is proved by the numerous purification treatments carried out for our customer base.