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About us

When in 1997 Giuliano Bertacchi and Alessandro Filippi decided to launch the company, they both had more than 30 years of experience in lubrication and hydraulics systems.


It might have been due to their contacts or their geographic position, but from the start it was clear that they would be dealing mainly with the paper mills.
And still today, the production of lubrication and hydraulics systems for the production and transformation of paper is one of Bertacchi and Filippi’s main activities. A specialization that has enabled us to acquire expertise and credibility in the fields we entered subsequently.


In more than 15 years the company has grown and evolved.
The certification of ISO 9001-2000 quality standard, obtained in 2004, was the official acknowledgement of an efficient work method.
Experience, devotion, study are definitely the necessary factors, but in the long term, also a serious and precise application of the four following fundamental principles has produced concrete results:

01.No relocation

The plants are studied, designed and assembled here by us, with local quality labour and materials. This enables us to control and verify each phase and gives us the great privilege of creating jobs for companies and professionals that honour our country.

02.Investing in training

We have relations with the universities of Pisa and Florence and we often host trainees, final year undergraduates and apprentices. These young learners are a precious resource for us, they learn the job and together we grow. Once the traineeship is over, if it is possible, we want them to continue to be a part of the team.

03.Continuing trustworthy relationships with suppliers and partner

We collaborate with reliable and precise companies and professionals. We have built these relationships over the years, one job order after the other. We prefer paying more for something and be sure to have the best and be able to offer it to our clients.

04.Environmental protection

We are aware of the fact that industrial production (ours and of our clients) has an impact on the environment. The products we create for our clients, especially those for maintenance and cleaning, are designed in the spirit of waste and, therefore, garbage reduction.

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