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Oil and grease lubrication systems


We design, produce and install lubrication systems of any kind: circulating oil, progressive, dual line and single line.
From the designing phase to the commissioning and the following scheduled maintenance, we guarantee to our clients a specific expertise for every stage of life of the plant.

Dual line lubrication system is suggested for machines of great dimensions and which operate in difficult conditions. We often find it operating in paper and steel mills.
Among the main advantages:

  • the use at high pressure conditions
  • simplicity of expansion or change of system
  • manual regulation
  • continuity even in case of blockage or malfunction of a part of the plant

The progressive system is mainly used in total loss lubrication systems.
It can be designed as a system divided in areas, especially when are required irregular conditions for the cycle for different parts of the machine. The confirmation of the completed lubrication by the means of proper sensors and the precise and modifiable calculation of the supplied quantity of grease or oil, is synonym of the reliability and flexibility of the solution.
Among the main advantages:

  • use with high pressure
  • modularity: it enables to change the elements without stop working
  • savings and simplified maintenance.

The single line system is particular convenient on small machines tools , Woodworking Machines, Small Printing Machines. The measuring devices of discontinuous or continuous lubrication can be mounted directly on the bearing and balance the pressure on the distribution line, spreading the oil from the pump to the different points of lubrication.
Among the main advantages:

  • low cost of the entry level of the lubrication system
  • ability to precisely measure the amount of oil needed despite its viscosity, temperature or pressure
  • adaptability to every kind of implementation, combining the threaded ends with special adaptors
  • metric units easy to increase or modify.

The systems of oil recirculation are made of the lubrication plant, volumetric flowmeters which guarantee control and regulation of the amount of lubricant, and of accessory components necessary to carry out the connections.
Our expertise, acquired in countless installations “turn key” done in Italy and abroad, is at the service of our customer base in order to achieve the objective of guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the plant depending on the needs of the machinery on which it’s being installed. The experience gained in the field of maintenance enables us to study innovative solutions to prevent the inconveniences that any machinery may incur, depending on its peculiarities.